Focus Point of Sale – POS Swivel Screen Technology

By December 29, 2018 No Comments

Unlike traditional point of sale systems where customers have little to no control over the checkout process, Focus Point of Sale utilizes swivel screen technology to give customers control over their transactions. The swivel screen feature allows customers to choose their tip amount with predetermined percentages along with the option to add your own percentage, and the opportunity to send receipts digitally. Not only does this feature increase employee tip revenue, cut restaurant costs by going paperless, and make the check out process more convenient, it is also visually pleasing, appearing sleek and modern. There are three key reasons why POS swivel screen technology is imperative to a restaurant’s business:

Bigger tips = happy employees

Swivel screen technology allows customers to add the tip of their choice onto the bill at the end of a transaction. This option in turn increases tip revenue. This helps make you money especially since studies show most customers prefer to leave a tip rather than select “no tip.” The higher the tip, the happier the employee!

Go green to save green

The signature capture feature allows customers to sign their receipt and have it sent to them digitally. There is no longer a need to print out paper receipts. By sending digitally rather than printing, your business is cutting out an unnecessary expense. This option is both cost effective and environmentally conscious.

Convenience is key

POS swivel screens are easy to use for employees and customers. It is simple and clear and allows for a smoother check out process and it is much more user friendly than the traditional methods. It is quicker and simpler for your employees and guests; thus, cutting out confusion and wasted time at the end of a transaction.